Day 2

hill-end-day-2This is the end of day 2.  It comes up to my shoulder.  I am having trouble climbing in and out, even though you can see I have carved a step into it.  I will have to get a ladder, safety tape and stakes, a tarp against rain (that is clay and I don’t think it will drain), a bucket and rope (look into a pully system), and if I don’t hit rock soon, I will probably want to investigate the need to brace the walls.

Next time I’ll take a photo inside it.  It looks a bit like a Euan McLeod landscape, the color of the clay and the chiselled cliffs in ascending strata.  It occurred to me that if I actually found gold, it would ruin my artwork.  Here’s hoping.


6 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Alison and Boyd says:

    I love this hole in the ground, Alex! I look forward to seeing the pictures from inside it! Alison

  2. Let me know when it gets to 4’9″ — the height of the Holtermann Nugget. I did my residency around the measurements of the Nugget in relation to the buildings and landscape of today, well, August 2013. I also revived the nugget for 3 days and the nugget took lots of photographs using the Nuggetcam. The Nuggetcam blog should be up soon and could perhaps link to the hole’s?

    • lenscap105 says:

      I think it might be just about there now Paula. I’m 5’10 and the hole comes up to my shoulder. I’ll measure before I dig another shovel.

  3. vanessa eve says:

    Looking great. I, TOO, love the ‘chiseled cliffs in the ascending strata’, what a wonderful sentence. Definitely time to post some interior shots, I am curious. That’s a lot of laboring your doing, good thing your not super tall. Not that you’re short either. Any new companions? Keep us posted. And don’t work too hard. xxoo-

  4. Carmel Sprk says:

    Alex, the little bird is a spotted pardolet and they build their nests in clay, so it’s probably checking the hole out for next sites!

    • lenscap105 says:

      Its sad I’m going to fill this hole in when I am done. It would have been nice to give to my hosts a nesting place for such a beautiful little creature to live in.

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