Hole Sweet Hole

hill-end-day-3-15I’ve been in Sydney for the last ten days, performing alienated labour.  It has been a great frustration to be away from the hole for so long, especially after the good start I had made, and knowing how limited my time here in the end will be. I was able to get some supplies as you can see, including some very fashionable hazard tape that not only prevents small children from falling into the hole, it also embellishes it quite effectively.  I  got some rope because I will have to find ways to climb out of the hole, but this stuff isn’t very good and I might have to devise a rope ladder.  I also got some wood in order to build bracing when the hole gets deeper.   The hole is now 1.5 by 1.5 wide and 1.4 m deep.  I wasn’t able to make any progress going down today as I spent all the time digging out the step ledges I had on two sides.  I got rained out in the afternoon so, again I am frustrated, but quite comfy and drinking a glass of wine.  I know I promised people a photograph from inside the hole, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.  I thought it was more urgent that you got to see some of the awesome fauna that was attracted to the hole.


Check out this bad boy.  There was a whole family of these guys in the hole when I got in there this morning.


and this gentleman has been hanging out in the hole since the first day.  Anyone know what kind of bird this is?


7 thoughts on “Hole Sweet Hole

  1. vanessa eve says:

    I WOULD D-I-E if i ever saw that frog thing live, other than that it’s a nice solid hole, but more like a square. Maybe a hare, or a squole. Are you living in said hole for the ‘whole’ time….pun intended!! Time to post some more pics so we can really check it out. Loves, V-

  2. Things are really going down, i guess you havent had rain yet, that may change the textural engagement factor. So sweet to see the sPOTTED pARDALOTE getting excited by both raw soil, nesting options and maybe the flies on your back..!

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