Day 5


So I finally got some bracing up.  I still need to corner brace it.  The rock and quartz I found yesterday has given way to a soft, almost powdery clay that comes up easily.  I am tired now, I realise and this hasn’t sped my progress at all.  As you can see from the picture, I can no longer throw the dirt from the hole but have to climb up and pull it out by the bucketful.  Again, this is slow and the effort of dragging my fat arse in and out of the hole is contributing to my fatigue.  Perhaps its just what my fat arse needs.


When I started this project, I joked that this was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.  I was offered a month stress and obligation free, to sit in beautiful Hill End and drink red wine and make or think about art and I decided to commit myself to digging a hole 8 hours in the day, five days in the week.  Now that I am here, I realise I’m not quite as dumb as I thought.  I know what great idleness is like, and given as much of it as I was offered, I could see myself at a point of desperation here, going for endless walks, reading 6 books at once (I brought 10), desperately seeking the company of any other human beings, spending hours on facebook and the internet.  I know the feeling, and I am glad I do not have to suffer it.  I come home exhausted, shower and change, fix a meal (which is invariably fantastic, even if it is out of a can), drink three beers and collapse.  Awesome.  I was thinking someone should open a chain of forced labour holiday camps for people tired of sitting at desks during their working lives.  Just another thought.


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