Day 6


I’ve fallen behind a day.  I had to do some work on a marketing strategy for an art festival that is eating my life, and after that all I could handle was a half a bottle of wine and a soft pillow.  Have I mentioned, the bed at Haeflinger’s is awesome. The hole is 2.4 metres deep at this point.  You can see I’m using buckets and ropes which haven’t slowed me down too much because the ground has become surprisingly soft.  Is it possible that I am digging in lime?  Its grey/white and very powdery.  I’ll post a pick tomorrow.


You know, I thought this blog was going to be full of deep thoughts and stuff.  You think a lot when you are in a hole; your body has been kinda set on automatic, your mind detaches and goes all sorts of lovely places.  I used to wash dishes for a living.  I spent more of my life as a dishwasher than in any other profession.  It was the same thing.  You set your body into its program and you could dream all the way through it.  But,  it turns out that what you think in the hole, stays in the hole.  When I sit down to blog, I can’t remember  any of it.  I can remember really enjoying the feeling of having the earth all around me. there.


3 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Tamara says:

    I like the last three sentences of today’s blog, a lot. By the way, have you become friendly with Haeflinger’s resident ghost yet?

  2. I’m really digging (sorry couldn’t help it) your work of art Alex. I love the textures and colours in your walls. It is a teasing rupture to the scientific control of the baulks and soil lenses of the archaeological vista to which I am usually obliged, in the presence of holes in the ground.

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