Day 7

hill-end-day-7-4The pardolote actually came into the hole with me yesterday.  I crouched down and let him dig around at the edge of the hole.  His wings inside the echo chamber of the hole sounded like a helicopter.    It was an awesome experience.  I can’t believe I actually got this photo of it.



8 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Hanli says:

    I wonder how your experiences in this hole will compare to those of the character Toru Okada in Haruki Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. He goes down into a dry well. He is left there when someone pulls up his rope ladder and he has some interesting experiences. Of course, he wasn’t digging the well, but I assume you will at some point stop and sit down and comtemplate, as he did.

    • lenscap105 says:

      You are the second person to mention this story. I also have a bird in my hole, he comes to visit me some times. It was not what I expected. The thing I am doing is that I am on an artist residency. Usually this would involve a lot of sitting around contemplating. I didn’t intend it this way, but the project I have chosen means that I don’t sit around and think. I work, and I think while I am working. I think all of the things I would normally think while working a job that involves physical labour. I think about how long until I can have a break. I think about how I can make time go more quickly. I also daydream or think about the banal details of my life. I think about how I can make the digging go more easily. How to be more efficient as well. I wonder what I will reveal when I remove the next layer of dirt. I don’t know what happened to Toru Okada, nor why he needed to be down a hole to have the story that he had, so I can’t say whether our experiences are similar.

    • lenscap105 says:

      Hi Emma,

      I think you tried to post an image to this comment. It didn’t come through, I’m not sure wordpress allows that. I’m with you on the pardelote, a beautiful bird.

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Alex, I realised after I posted that the image didn’t work. It was an illustration of the pardelote’s tunnel nest, ground/hole birds….nice visual contradiction and maybe explains the pardelote’s interest in your activity…. mutual enquiry

  3. Amazing photo of the spotted-pardelote and a wonderful bird encounter. I have enjoyed your project and reflection – Really interesting- I am not sure if anyone or yourself has mentioned Smithson’s hole dug in the basement of a house. The depth was the same at length as his brother’s suicidal leap from a building.

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