The ground at Hill End has an inherent magnetism created by the unique confluence of geology and history that it contains.  Strange subterranean pressures have produced resources that have no use but glitter endlessly in the human mind.  Imagine never having to work another day in your life!  Imagine the things you could do or say or make!  What misery would you not endure to risk such a great fortune?  Even death becomes a tenable stake in such a momentous gamble.

One walks over this ground in a manner unlike any other.  The eyes are drawn to constantly scour it, imagining its riches; riches that might be revealed if only you were to kick over the right rock.  They mustn’t have gotten everything? there must be a crumb left behind? At Hill End I will seek my future.  Good luck to me.

This is the artist in residency blog of Alex Wisser lived at Hill End for the month of November 2013, staying at Haeflinger’s Cottage and digging a hole in the back yard of Hill End artist Mark Booth.

The Hill End residency has been generously made possible by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery


3 thoughts on “About

  1. A space full of possibility, I was pleased to read that you discovered the hole revealed itself as square. When I read hole, I imagined the cartoon representation of a Wylee Kyotee perfectly round impression, a place where things are discovered, a path to another space and a well to ponder. A more passive form, round would have been more comfortable. The angels you have formed seem to suggest purpose for concelement. The hard edges and careful corners are formal and speak of authority. I look forward to discovering more about this space. Thanks Alex.

  2. M. says:

    What a Wonderful square hole. I imagine you will find something; there must be something; forgotten, unfounded, unexplored. I can lend you a metal detector when you get right down deep.
    I could fashion you a rope ladder and you can check for the collective dreams in the bottom of the pit.
    Bachelard must have something to say on holes. and squares. I’ll check and get back to you.

  3. Congratulations on a great plan. I will be following avidly. You make me reflect on all the holes I have dug, in gardens and beaches: sometimes to build, but other times just for the pleasure of exploration and descent into my personal space. Good luck, stay safe, work hard.

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